Aestura Atobarrier 365 Hydro Essence 200ml


An essence provides a sustained moisturising action by hydrating dry skin cells deep inside the skin layers.
Contains 30 different types of moisture nutrients that swiftly infiltrate the skin’s layers to keep moisture from evaporating.
Ceramide, cholesterol, and a fatty acid complex are added to the product to aid in the skin’s ability to absorb moisture.
helps to boost the skin’s natural defences against external stimuli.
has a thin texture that doesn’t leave greasiness on the skin.
Offers you a daily gentle moisturiser that is free of nine hazardous chemicals.
passed the dermatological test, non-comedogenic test, and hypoallergenic test; appropriate for sensitive skin.

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Thirty different nutrient-rich components are used in the formulation of this hypoallergenic essence to support healthy skin and improve the skin barrier. This consists of numerous minerals and amino acids in addition to ceramide, which has moisturising and nourishing effects for skin that is supple and smooth. The creamy, non-greasy composition sinks right into the skin and is lightweight and absorbent.