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Jumiso Snail Mucin 95 + Peptide Essence 140ml

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Snail Mucin 95 provides restoring moisture. 5-Peptides improve skin firmness and anti-aging.

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Use this intense toner essence to revitalize and renew your skin. Fortified with five different peptides and an astounding 95% snail mucin, it works wonders to heal and regenerate cellular damage and flexibility. Calming panthenol and moisturizing allantoin provide additional nourishment to weary, dull, or aging skin, resulting in a complexion that is luminous and youthful. This product, which is perfect for skin types that are sensitive or prone to acne, offers a mild yet effective way to bring out the inherent beauty of your skin. Give yourself a skincare treatment that will make your skin feel renewed, smooth, and energetic. Accept the remarkable toner essence’s transformational potential.