Kose Suncut Super Waterproof UV Perfect Protect Gel SPF50+ PA++++ 120g (2024)


Japanese gel-type sunscreen Kose Suncut Perfect Long Lasting UV provides SPF50+ PA++++ sun protection. With its lightweight and extremely adhesive composition that efficiently withstands perspiration and water, the Suncut Perfect Series is simply enticing. Experience the revitalizing effects of this gel-based sunscreen.

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Best UV protection gel cream available in Japan, protecting your skin from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.
Completely blocks UV rays to provide long-lasting protection against sunburn and other skin issues.
With its resistance to perspiration, water, oil, and abrasion, the stretch fit prescription guarantees a stable, long-lasting application that won’t peel off or burn easily.
The formula’s stretch fit conforms closely to the skin, offering long-lasting protection against UV rays.
This sunscreen looks after your skin in addition to protecting it. Cosmetic base effect that improves the texture and durability of foundation while experiencing moisturization that tackles dry skin.