Mary&May Idebenone + Blackberry Complex Serum 30ml


With this hypoallergenic serum’s 1,000 ppm of idebenone and 20% blackberry complex—two potent antioxidants that also shield skin from irritation from the environment—you can reverse the effects of ageing.

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The antioxidant impact on skin is enhanced by a quick-absorbing serum made with highly concentrated idebenone that collaborates with blackberry complex.
Idebenone (1000 ppm) is abundant, and it has a stronger antioxidant effect than vitamin C and coenzyme Q10.
20% of blackberry extract, a rich source of anthocyanin that can delay the onset of advanced ageing indications.
Made with ingredients that have received an EWG green rating.
Paraben, artificial scent and colours, alcohol, mineral oil, surfactants, and allergies are the only seven chemicals that should not be present.



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