Skinfood Cica clear spot patch (25*4ea)


Patch made of cica that treats spots by soothing them and covering them.
patches made of hydrocolloid that aid in recovery even after popping
Due to its 0.15mm small fit, it doesn’t appear as though it is affixed to the skin.


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Skinfood used a natural translucent matte material and a beveling technique that sticks to the problematic area without agitating it.

How To Use
1. After washing your face, keep it clean and dry.

2. Attach the patch that fits the spot size as you press it gently.

3. Remove the spot area if it calms down or if the patch swells white and the edge is lifted.

4. The hydrocolloid sticker will turn white while absorbing pimple gunk, protecting your pimple while it`s healing.




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