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VT Cosmetics Reedle Shot 100, 50mL

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This ampoule has anti-inflammatory properties thanks to its abundance of skin-soothing ingredients, which include propolis extract, madecassoside, and cica extract. Macadamia seed oil and hyaluronic acid increase the moisture content of the skin to give it a plumper appearance. The recipe deeply penetrates the skin’s dermis layer to provide powerful nourishment because of the small molecular size of its active ingredients.

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SMART SKIN CARE DURING THE DAY: REEDLE SHOT efficiently provides active ingredients to improve skin texture; it is moisturizing and quickly absorbs. It is not taxing to use on a daily basis because the ideal mixing ratio is utilized. The only product in VT’s Riddle Shot line that allows for a progressive increase in usage frequency is REEDLE SHOT 100. Regular face massages will help your sleeping skin awaken.
QUICKLY ABSORBS INTO THE SKIN: The natural material silica is used to make CICA REEDLE. In order to facilitate the skin’s absorption of the active components in VT skincare products, it gently stimulates the skin.
When the cream seeps into the skin and gives nutrients, a tingling feeling is a normal occurrence.

BENEFITS FOR YOUR SKIN: Triple Hyaluronic Acid, Centella 4X Complex, Green Propolis Extract, and Centella Asiatica Extract are especially good in calming and moisturizing.

CAUTION: If you are allergic or have skin troubles, test a localized area before use. It is not recommended to use with a skin care device as it can cause severe skin irritation. Consumers who are sensitive to skin irritation should refrain from using it. Do not use the product on inflamed or wounded areas.


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