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Beauty of Joseon Light On Serum : Centella + Vita C 30ml

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A hydrating face serum combats hyperpigmentation while keeping the skin hydrated.
10% 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, a Vitamin C derivative with excellent stability and low irritation, is included to provide a brightening effect and even skin tone.
Contains 68% Centella Asiatica Extract, which soothes skin from daily irritation and external aggressors while also providing intense hydration to keep skin hydrated.
It has a lightweight and refreshing texture that is free of greasiness or stickiness and may be absorbed rapidly without irritation.
Comes with an airless pump container that blocks light and air to ensure the product’s efficacy and stability.

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Brightening serum with the key constituents Centella Asiatica extract and Vitamin C.
The stickiness, greasiness, and dryness of existing pure vitamin C products on the market were enhanced.
The product’s irritant level was also decreased by using very stable vitamin C derivatives.
To increase skin soothing and moisturization, organic Centella asiatica extract with a high active component content is employed and combined together.


Beauty of Joseon